Biocompatibility of the biopolymer cyanoflan for applications in skin wound healing

Raquel Costa, Luís Costa, Ilda Rodrigues, Catarina Meireles, Raquel Soares, Paula Tamagnini, Rita Mota*

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There is a great demand for the development of novel wound dressings to overcome the time and costs of wound care performed by a vast number of clinicians, especially in the current overburdened healthcare systems. In this study, Cyanoflan, a biopolymer secreted by a marine unicellular cyanobacterium, was evaluated as a potential biomaterial for wound healing. Cyanoflan effects on cell viability, apoptosis, and migration were assessed in vitro, while the effect on tissue regeneration and biosafety was evaluated in healthy Wistar rats. The cell viability and apoptosis of fibroblasts and endothelial cells was not influenced by the treatment with different concentrations of Cyanoflan, as observed by flow cytometry. Moreover, the presence of Cyanoflan did not affect cell motility and migratory capacity, nor did it induce reactive oxygen species production, even revealing an antioxidant behavior regarding the endothelial cells. Furthermore, the skin wound healing in vivo assay demonstrated that Cyanoflan perfectly adapted to the wound bed without inducing systemic or local oxidative or inflammatory reaction. Altogether, these results suggest that Cyanoflan is a promising biopolymer for the development of innovative applications to overcome the many challenges that still exist in skin wound healing.

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