Bioética y espiritualidad al final de la vida

Carlos Costa Gomes, Renato da Silveira Borges Neto

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Understanding suffering and hope with people - children, youth and adults who die! Being with so many people waited, despaired, cried the lives of parents, children and friends, we will better understand the pain and suffering and spirituality of those at the end of life. With this essay, we intend to raise the reflection of health professionals to experience spirituality in caring for the end-of-life person. Study and hermeneutic analysis based on texts by Daniel Serr)o, Walter Osswald and Filipe Almeida. Results. Medicine and nursing are aware of human finitude, but of a finitude that is not identified with nothingness, emptiness, absence, but an ethic of hope ″(Moltmann, 2012). Bioethics in clinical practice calls for the humanization and spirituality of the dying process. Each sick person calls for a therapeutic response on the horizon of friendship, which refuses, therefore, disagreements generated in the corridors inhabited by moral strangers. Spirituality is also the therapeutic window of a universe that awaits intensity of glances, cuddling with outstretched hands, respect in the dignity that is recognized.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoBioethics and spirituality at the end of life
Idioma originalSpanish
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RevistaCuadernos de bioetica : revista oficial de la Asociacion Espanola de Bioetica y Etica Medica
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 1 jan 2020

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