Challenges to the adoption of the internet of things in the classroom

Andreia Magalhães*, J. Matias Alves, A. Andrade

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Of the multiple challenges currently facing the school, its ability to motivate and involve students with the adoption of technology, in an active and participatory way in teaching and learning, deserves special mention. Thus, the Internet of Things (IoT) has a strong potential to be well received by students, motivating them for learning, and with the ability to please teachers for the involvement it provides students with pedagogical activities in the classroom. In this article, we intend to identify the challenges to the adoption of IoT in the classroom, by teachers and students. For its implementation, a mixed methodology was used, questionnaires to students, survey by interview, in focus group, to teachers and the researcher's logbook. From the data obtained, it appears that students value work centered on data that they themselves helped to collect. As for teachers, despite recognizing the potential of this resource, for being a facilitator in the development of an interdisciplinary work and in the contextualization of the contents and an activator of feedback to learning, for which reason they would adopt this resource, there is still some resistance to the use of technology, as a result of a predominance of a pedagogy exhibition centered on the teacher, in the pressure to teach the subjects and fulfill the program, in the ignorance about technology and its pedagogical use and the low valuation of the leaders.The use of IoT requires some necessary conditions for an involvement pedagogy, such as training in the context of action and the involvement of intermediate leaders in this pedagogical metamorphosis, in order to lead to the transformation of the organizational culture, practices and procedures adopted by the school.
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Título da publicação do anfitriãoEDULEARN21 Proceedings
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ISBN (eletrónico)9788409312672
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 5 jul. 2021
Evento13th Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - Online, Palma de Mallorca
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Conferência13th Annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies
Título abreviadoEDULEARN21 Conference
CidadePalma de Mallorca

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