Chronic wound assessment: cultural and linguistic adaptation for European Portuguese of RESVECH-2 scale

Alexandre Marques Rodrigues*, Pedro Lopes Ferreira, Clara Lourenço, Paulo Jorge Pereira Alves, José Miguel Nunes Duarte Marques, Luís Otávio de Sá

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Introduction: In order to assess and to follow up the evolution of chronic wounds, it is advisable to apply measurement scales. This procedure allows clinicians to verify the appropriateness of their activities and whether the healing process is evolving as expected. Aim: To conduct a cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric analysis of Portuguese version of RESVECH 2.0. Methods: A quantitative and correlational study was designed and, to perform the cross-cultural adaptation of RESVECH 2.0, we followed the classic sequential approach for linguistic equivalence to European Portuguese. The study occurred at a Portuguese oncology hospital and the sample encompassed 281 patients with multiple chronic wounds. Results: RESVECH 2.0 is a practical measurement instrument, easy to use, and well accepted by nurses to know all kinds of wounds’ etiologies. The reliability test revealed an acceptable internal consistency and high proportion of agreement between two raters assessing the same patient. Construct validity was considered average/good and the principal component factor analysis with varimax rotation obtained six factors corresponding to 59.5% of explained variance. When comparing the domains from RESVECH 2.0 with those from BWAT we found statistically significant correlations. Conclusion: The adapted version of RESVECH 2.0 scale presents a good internal consistency and is valid for the Portuguese language and culture, being useful and effective in clinical practice.
Idioma originalEnglish
Número de páginas7
RevistaJournal of Tissue Viability
Estado da publicaçãoAceite para publicação - 2022

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