Clinical performance of monolithic CAD/CAM tooth-supported zirconia restorations: systematic review and meta-analysis

Celina Inês Miranda Brito Leitão, Gustavo Vicentis de Oliveira Fernandes, Luís Pedro Pereira Azevedo, Filipe Miguel Araújo, Helena Donato, André Ricardo Maia Correia

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Purpose: The purpose of this systematic review was to evaluate the survival rate, biological complications, technical complications, and clinical behavior of single crowns supported by teeth made up in monolithic zirconia with CAD/CAM technology. Study selection: An extensive electronic search was conducted through Medline/PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Library databases. Additional manual search was performed on the references of included articles to identify relevant publications. Two reviewers independently performed the selection and electronic and manual search. Results: From nine articles included, there was a total of 594 participants and 1657 single-tooth restorations with a mean exposure time of 1.07 years, and follow-up period between 0.3 and 2.1 years. All studies showed a moderate level of quality, with a consequent moderate possibility of associated bias, using the Newcastle-Ottawa Scale (NOS), with survival rate (SR) ranging between 91% to 100%. Bleeding on probing (BOP) were reported with an average value of 29.12%. Marginal integrity showed high success rate values for the observation periods, except for one that included patients with bruxism which obtained a SR of 31.60%. Failures and/or fractures, mostly total and requiring replacement, were observed in three studies. Linear regression showed that there was no statistical correlation between survival rate and type of cementation and the average years of follow-up (p=0.730 e p=0.454). There was high heterogeneity between studies (I2 = 93.74% and Q = 79.672). Conclusion: Within the limitation of this study, monolithic zirconia might be considered as a possible option for restoring single crowns, especially in the posterior zone.

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RevistaJournal of Prosthodontic Research
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2022

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