Contexts and dynamics of innovation for learning

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The school is a complex organization, as its mission is to respond to the challenges of knowing, knowing how to do, knowing how to be and living together, in a very heterogeneous, unequal and turbulent world, involving all students in the process of more equitable and fair human development. For the above, and despite observing that there is innovation in schools, at this moment it becomes imperative the need for a more intentional, collaborative, interdisciplinary and integrated innovation. For this to happen, it is important for top and middle leaders to act as influencers of innovative practices, in order to motivate and involve their colleagues in this complex work that requires a sense of mission, resilience and courage. This work intends to highlight the contexts that influence the process by which a school adopts and implements an innovation and, in this way, to know the participants' perceptions about the influence of technological contexts, organizational context and environmental context for the adoption of an innovation in education. Thus, from the request of a group of 26 teachers from a Portuguese school to obtain training in Gamification in Education, a quantitative methodology was used, in order to answer the question raised and verify the appropriation of this active pedagogy in the scope of teaching practices. From the data obtained, it appears that teachers recognize the need for innovation in pedagogical practices, so they are willing to risk more active pedagogies. In short, in this case study, it is possible to verify that the different contexts are more successful for the adoption of an innovation in education when there are objectives and commitments of the leaders and involvement of the educational teams to obtain training in the context of action towards a repositioning of the student in the face of his learning.
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Evento14th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies - Palma
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Conferência14th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies

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