DeCodeR framework: data collection and coding for demands and resources appraisal in extreme weather events

Samuel Domingos*, Rui Gaspar, Hugo Fonseca, João Marôco

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With the increased frequency, intensity and duration of extreme weather events potentiated by climate change, a better understanding of social systems’ resilience and adaptation strategies to these has been established as a research priority at the individual and community levels. Because such events have the potential to interfere with individuals’ current needs and goals, this motivates them to evaluate the demands posed by the event and the available resources to cope with them. This, in turn, greatly determines the implemented coping strategies’ effectiveness. Exploring these demands and resources appraisals by coding their indicators and decoding their functions is an important step in promoting resilience and adaptation strategies, in face of future extreme weather events. As a contribution, we propose a theory-driven data collection and coding framework (DeCodeR) for analysing such appraisals, grounded on the Biopsychosocial Model of Challenge and Threat Appraisals (BPS Model). This framework was pilot tested with a sample of 159 participants (33 male; 126 female), and further specified in terms of sub-categories of Demands (Danger; Effort; Uncertainty) and Resources (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; Dispositions; External Support) that may emerge in extreme weather events. Policymakers, practitioners and researchers can capitalize on this work and develop evidence-based strategies to promote human resilience and adaptation to extreme weather events, based on identified resources/demands. This can be achieved by enhancing individual’s personal and social/community resources to cope with the demands posed by present and future events.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoDeCodeR framework: recogida de datos y codificación de exigencias y evaluación de recursos en fenómenos climáticos extremos
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2 jan 2020

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