Decree-Law 54/2018: perspectives of early childhood educators on inclusion in preschool education in Portugal

Rita Simas Bonança, Paulo César Fróes Bulhões, Levi Leonido*, Elsa Maria Gabriel Morgado

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In this study, we analyze the perspectives of early childhood educators working in various teaching sectors on inclusion in preschool education, following the publication of Decree-Law no. 54/2018, as of 6 July, at a time when learning and inclusion support measures are being extended to all children and the SARS-CoV-19 (COVID-19) pandemic prevails in Portugal and worldwide. Based on a mixed methodological approach and the application of a questionnaire survey of 250 early childhood educators, we reflect on the implementation of the legal framework, involvement of the multidisciplinary learning and inclusion support team (EMAEI), teacher training, pedagogical/collaborative work, and mobilized support for preschool education children. The results obtained indicate quality and effectiveness in the pedagogical plan, and collaborative work between teachers and specialist technicians, although higher education in the field of inclusive education does not seem to provide professionals with the necessary and in-depth knowledge on the subject. They also indicate that, alongside dissatisfaction with the insufficient support provided to preschool education children, the relevant diploma is not fully applied, with doubts still remaining about its application.
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