Desiring and being desired by Christ: : Sebastian Moore's notion of desire in dialogue with Ignatian Spirituality

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This article explores the Christian theological work of Sebastian Moore O.S.B. and his notion of human desire as the existential point of impact or subjective dynamics where a human being may discover a call to communion in Love, a presence of the Creating God himself as hidden source of joy and fulfilment, attracting a person to his or her ultimate meaning. Human desire is, in its deepest reality, the emergent presence of the Self as gift. This gift is attracted, oriented, healed and liberated by the presence of Jesus and the discipleship that he awakes in every one of those to whom he revels himself as the Loving other. Desire is, therefore, considered an ontological and theological via to access and undergo the transformative three-phased process of union to God or divinization, following Jesus' destiny: an awakening, an emptying and a fulfilling of desire. A conscious and consented transformative union (theosis) may occur, in desire, between God and a human person. Moore's Christian spiritual itinerary of transformation of human desire is, in a second moment, paralleled with the experience of prayer and transformation that are the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola. We draw attention to the fact that the Christian spiritual itinerary exposed in Moore's theology of desire is strikingly interlocked with the structure and key theological moments of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises.
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