Diogo Tudela + supernova ensemble: presents gesture & synthesis

João Dias, José Alberto Gomes, Mário Costa, Diogo Tudela, Daniel Santos

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Gesture & Synthesis results from Supernova Ensemble’s invitation to artist Diogo Tudela to develop a work that explored the artistic space between performance and installation, music and new media art. After being exhibited in installation format, the piece is presented in its performative dimension adding percussion and electronics which focus on the construction of artworks from logical-mathematical structures. Here, the exhibited objects are placed on stage taking a performative role where the wavetables generated by the spinning movement of the discs become another layer in the compositions with percussion and live electronic manipulation. Diogo Tudela is a researcher and programmer focused on critical software, simulation practices, model theory, geometry, diagrams and mechatronics. His work has addressed vocal synthesis and manipulation technologies as tacit retro-bioengineering.
Created in 2022, Supernova Ensemble is an artistic collective dedicated to innovative music in the areas of performing, new media and sound arts. With a diverse artistic and musical background, the group aims to build a world in which new sound ideas flow freely across genres and media, including music, theatre, dance, video, electroacoustic, chamber music, sound installations, etc.
Supernova Ensemble integrates the Resident Artist project of Circular Associação Cultural.
Idioma originalEnglish
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 14 abr. 2023
Eventodiogo tudela + supernova - https://www.gnration.pt/en/event/diogo-tudela-supernova-ensemble/?noredirect=en_US&doing_wp_cron=1709117650.5724909305572509765625, Braga
Duração: 14 abr. 202314 abr. 2023

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