Distributing and promoting audiovisual works with blockchain

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The purpose of this paper is to update information about research, with its first publication in 2018, named “Blockchain: A new way of distribution, promotion and improvement of the artistic, economic and cultural situation of a film in the EU”. The article covers the first phase of a study about blockchain technology used in audiovisual distribution platforms which started in 2017. This research included a study case about 14 decentralized blockchain platforms. Only eight are still workings: White Rabbit, JBOX, Ethereum Movie Venture, DECENT (Nahmii), Flixxo, Hubii Network, Singular DTV (Breaker), LBRY. This new paper updates information about the pros and cons of using decentralized blockchain platforms in audiovisual distribution by reporting the analysis made about the existing literature within Computer Science together with the observational study case of the mentioned platforms. It will also bring new information about smart contracts and NFTs, and highlight the main legal differences from the traditional way of distribution, in terms of efficiency and complexity of the processes. The latest was made through the examination of legal practices, codes, acts, directives and conventions of EU countries, since its need of being updated regarding digital exploitation of works and other questions seen as inadequate for this age. This study discusses the ways this new technology can contribute to a more adequate form of the legal approach to works protection and exploitation during the present digital era.

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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 4 jul. 2022
EventoSeventeenth International Conference on the Arts in Society - Universidad San Jorge, Zaragoza
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ConferênciaSeventeenth International Conference on the Arts in Society

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