Don't label me! I, myself and my social media

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In times of social media and selfies, how hard is to be yourself? What about that for girls in a patriarchal world? People from Generation Z are called digital natives, due to the fact they were socially constructed after the emergence of the Internet and during the rise of smartphones. They represent the first social generation having access to these technologies as youngsters. They are also considered the generation which spends more time on social media. Currently, Gen Z ranges from young teenagers to young adults, therefore, they are neither children nor adults. In daily life, society tends to complain about the behavior of people at this age. It seems they are always “the wrong” or “the bad” ones. How to build an identity this way? What is the influence of social media on that? Bauman (2016) believes that social media work as echo chambers. Han (2018) agrees social media contribute to the “terror of the same”, as long people generally interact, follow and like people and content that endorse one’s opinions. Thus, based on qualitative research with an interpretive perspective, this study aims to understand the way young girls build their identity, their relationship with others, and the influence of social media on that. To accomplish these objectives, in depth semi-structured interviews will be adopted with high school girls from 14 to 17 years old studying at public or private schools in the district of Lisbon. They will be selected randomly and afterwards through the snowball method.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2 jun. 2023
Evento43rd APEAA Meeting – Cultures of the Self. Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies
- Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Lisboa
Duração: 1 jun. 20233 jun. 2023
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Conferência43rd APEAA Meeting – Cultures of the Self. Portuguese Association for Anglo-American Studies

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