Eat & art

Nuno Camarneiro, Victor Moura Vicente, Isabel Mota, Vera Freitas

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Eat & Art, from the people behind Lisbon's famous Can the Can restaurant, brings together some of Portugal's finest chefs and artists, using the country's canning industry as the source of inspiration. Using striking photography and contemporary design, the book explores the undeniable affinities between gastronomy and art. It features a fascinating and expansive historical timeline, which charts parallel events in the two fields, such as early Egyptian tomb painting and the Chinese cultivating soybeans, rice, wheat and barley to create noodles in 3000 BCE. The book, which aims to place the canning industry, one of the oldest and most important in Portugal, firmly in the international spotlight, presents eighteen dynamic chef and artist pairings. The combined output of these pairings, either as an inspirational dish or innovative work of art, is a visual feast that will feed the hearts, heads and stomachs of readers.
Idioma originalEnglish
EditoraBlack Dog Press
Número de páginas347
ISBN (impresso)9781912165230
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 25 set. 2020

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