Emerging issues and key focus areas in food science, technology, and engineering higher education

Cristina L. M. Silva*, Fátima A. Miller, Mei H. Lui, Adewale O. Obadina, Chelo Gonzalez-Martinez, Ferruh Erdogdu, Estela O. Nunes, Azis Boing Sitanggang

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Food studies is an interdisciplinary field involving food production, distribution, consumption, and social, economic, and environmental impacts. Food science, technology, and engineering have undergone a significant transformation over the past few decades. Moreover, the food industry faces numerous critical challenges ranging from food safety, sustainability, health, and nutrition to changing consumer preferences and global food security. The food industry needs a workforce prepared for the most recent technical developments and also highly skilled. Working group 1.2, on Emerging Issued, Key Focus Areas, of IUFoST (International Union of Food Science and Technology) activities address education materials and methods on topics such as sustainability of food systems, emerging technologies, food safety, food insecurity, ethical considerations, among others. The working group organizes webinars series on teaching methods and methodologies, current critical topics in food studies, and, more recently, is opening an international web forum. This forum will promote effective communication and sharing of information in the field. It will cover topics such as curricula development, education in specific world regions, opportunities of collaboration, research education-related topics, and industry collaborations. Working group 1.2 of IUFoST is also a key element for networking with several other organizations working towards a new generation of food science, technology, and engineering professionals with the skills and knowledge required to drive innovation and reshape the industry.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - jul. 2023
Evento7th International ISEKI-Food Conference: Next Generation of Food Research, Education and Industry - Paris, Paris
Duração: 5 jul. 20237 jul. 2023
Número de conferência: 7th


Conferência7th International ISEKI-Food Conference
Título abreviadoISEKI-Food 2023
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