Emulated defects: adding physically accurate flaws on flawlessly rendered pixels

Sofia Lacerda, Sahra Kunz

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While sharing many analogies with motion picture filmmaking, computer animated films are not burdened by the limitations of the physical or technical means of photographing real-world scenes. Unlike live-action photography for film, which has always been done within (though sometimes also taking advantage of ) the limitations of the mechanical means used to capture images - namely and especially cameras, lenses and film stock - , computer animated films rely mostly on computer generated imagery alone. Though certainly having its own drawbacks, these digital images are not bound by the same rules as traditional image capture. Accompanying the increase of the use of CGI in visual effects for live-action film, a tendency towards an approximation to real-world, physically accurate cameras (in all aspects, including their defects) in the making of CG animated Öction films is becoming clear. The technical shortcomings and what have traditionally been considered downright errors of real world cinematography, which are being emulated in animation fiction films, might improve viewing experience by approximating the rendered frame to the familiar image of cinema.
Idioma originalEnglish
Título da publicação do anfitriãoCONFIA 2017
Subtítulo da publicação do anfitriãoInternational Conference on Illustration and Animation
EditoresPaula Tavares, Pedro Mota Teixeira, Marta Madureira, Jorge T. Marques, Manuel Albino, Isabel Xavier
Local da publicaçãoBarcelos
EditoraInstituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave
Número de páginas11
ISBN (impresso)9789899986138
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2017
Evento5th International Conference on Illustration and Animation - Guimarães
Duração: 14 jul 201716 jul 2017


Conferência5th International Conference on Illustration and Animation
Título abreviadoCONFIA 2017

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