Enhancing microbial growth using emerging technologies

Maria J. Mota, Rita P. Lopes, Ana M. Gomes, Ivonne Delgadillo, Jorge A. Saraiva

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Improvement of fermentative processes is an increasingly important issue for the scientific community. Several strategies have already been tested, such as the use of nonconventional conditions to improve the performance of fermentative processes, the strategy described in this chapter. In this case, emerging processing technologies (e.g. electric fields, ultrasound, and high pressure) are used at sublethal levels in order to trigger a specific stress response on microorganisms. In consequence, fermentation products and processes with novel characteristics can be obtained, ranging from changes in yields, productivities, and fermentation rates to differences in by-products accumulation and/or production of different compounds. All these possible effects are covered and discussed in the present chapter while disclosing the broad interest of this subject for microbial biotechnology in the future.
Idioma originalEnglish
Título da publicação do anfitriãoFermentation processes
Subtítulo da publicação do anfitriãoemerging and conventional technologies
EditoresMohamed Koubaa, Francisco J. Barba, Shahin Roohinejad
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ISBN (eletrónico)9781119505822
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 1 jan. 2021

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