Food by-products management and utilization

Ricardo Gómez-García, Ana Vilas Boas, Débora Campos, Manuela E. Pintado, Cristobál Noé Aguilar

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Food byproducts derived from industrial processing is a serious worldwide problem because it generates environmental pollution and results in significant food and economic losses from food waste. This new volume shows how food byproducts can be value-added renewable sources with the application of novel biotechnologies that avoid hazardous chemicals. The volume discusses the importance of valorizing food wastes and illustrates their value-added properties for industry. It explains the significant progress in bioresources processing for compound extraction and production as well as the increasing interest of food ingredients development, in which health care, environment, and economics play an essential part in biotechnological research. It considers the waste byproducts of various crops, such as tomato, melon, maize, berries, soybean, coffee, and their uses in the generation of health-benefiting bioactive compounds. The volume goes on to explore the various biotechnological strategies to extract, produce, and recover bioactive compounds along with the cost-effectiveness of these methods.
Idioma originalEnglish
EditoraApple Academic Press
Número de páginas532
ISBN (impresso)9781774912959
Estado da publicaçãoSubmetido - 2023

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