gBIOT - Nutraceutical biopolymeric-biocatalytic microbot against gut inflammatory disorders

A. S. Sousa, M. M. Pintado, R. D. Matos, C. C. Sousa, M. F. Machado, M. Coelho, P. M. Rodrigues, A. M. Magalhães, E. R. Coscueta*

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gBiOT is a novel project that proposes micro-robotic technology for nutraceuticals and therapeutic foods for gastrointestinal tract disorders. Gastrointestinal disorders have high prevalence and morbidity, leading to neoplasia and cancer. Recent advances in nanotechnology have opened up new opportunities in the food sector, allowing for the development of health-food products containing nanosized ingredients that can benefit the entire food chain. However, colon-targeted drug delivery systems have gained the most attention as potential carriers for the local treatment of colonic disorders. While current delivery systems have some benefits, they must be improved to be more than passive delivery systems. Advanced steps would include developing biocompatible devices that can actively identify inflamed regions in the gastrointestinal tract, counteract proinflammatory metabolites, and release drugs to alleviate abnormality. Such devices could propel themselves in the gastrointestinal tract environment, making them active in various tasks. gBiOT aims to address these unmet needs by developing a modular microbot prototype that executes intelligent functions under gastrointestinal disorders. The project is developing functionalized microbots that will test to assess the microbiota interaction and preclinical tests. This would lead to the development of practical solutions for the prophylaxis and control of gastrointestinal diseases with minimal impact on patient quality of life and via sustainable methodologies.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 12 mai. 2023
EventoXXIX Porto Cancer Meeting - i3S – Institute for Research and Innovation in Health, Porto
Duração: 11 mai. 202312 mai. 2023


ConferênciaXXIX Porto Cancer Meeting
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