Gender and age differences in the sleep habits: a cross-sectional study in adolescents

Odete Amaral, Carlos Pereira, Nélio Jorge Veiga, Emília Coutinho, Cláudia Chaves, Paula Nelas

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Introduction: Breast cancer is a highly harmful pathology in women’s lives. It has emotional and psychological consequences that can affect their quality of life. Early and structured interventions performed by elements of rehabilitation nursing can be essential to the functional recovery of the upper-limb and to the patients’ well-being. Objectives: To assess the efficiency of functional rehabilitation programs in the recovery of the patients’ upper-limb and that began in early post-surgery of women who have undergone a radical mastectomy. Methods: This is an integrative review of literature. After we had established the inclusion and exclusion criteria, after we had analyzed the researchers, six primary studies were selected. Those studies were searched through some browsers like PubMed; The Cochrane Library; some Institutional Repositories and PEDro. We used different set of keywords like “rehabilitation”, “breast cancer”, “upper-limb”, “modified radical mastectomy” and ”post-surgery complications” in Portuguese and in English. The search took place between June and April 2014, following the principles suggested by the Cochrane Handbook. 1 Results: The studies suggest the existence of clinical benefits that are statistically significant when there is an early rehabilitation intervention. This early action will help ease the patients’ pain, prevent the lymphedema, recover joint amplitude and will allow patients to perform daily tasks in an independent way. Conclusion: Structured and systemic Rehabilitation Nursing Programmes generate benefits in women’s functionality and quality of life and will greatly improve their health.
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