Histologic osseointegration level comparing titanium and zirconia dental implants: meta-analysis of preclinical studies

Maria João da Silva Remísio, Tiago Borges, Filipe Castro, Sergio Alexandre Gehrke, Juliana Campos Hasse Fernandes, Gustavo Vicentis de Oliveira Fernandes

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Purpose: To assess the literature comparing histologic levels of osseointegration for titanium vs zirconia dental implants. Materials and Methods: This systematic review was conducted following the PRISMA guidelines and was registered in PROSPERO (CRD42021236781). Electronic and manual searches were carried out through the PubMed/MEDLINE, PubMed Central, and Embase databases with a platform-specific search strategy combining controlled terms (MeSH and Emtree) and text words. The articles were selected by two independent investigators who evaluated the articles based on the criteria for eligibility. Results: A total of 17 articles were included. All were preclinical studies. The populations included dogs (27.55%), minipigs (14.28%), rats (14.28%), and rabbits (43.89%); and the implantation site varied among the mandible (36.82%), maxilla (9.04%), tibia (17.64%), skull (10.70%), and femur (25.80%). A total of 370 titanium (Ti) implants and 537 zirconia (Zr) implants were evaluated. The average osseointegration (% bone-to-implant contact) for Zr was 55.51% (17.6% to 89.09%), and for Ti was 58.50% (23.2% to 87.85%). There was no statistical difference between studies at the 2-month follow-up (P = .672), but this difference was significant at 1 and 3 months (P < .001). Conclusions: Within the limitations of this review, Zr implants had a similar level of osseointegration compared to Ti implants. Nonetheless, because these findings are based on preclinical research, all data must be carefully examined.

Idioma originalEnglish
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RevistaThe International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 1 jul. 2023

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