Today it is practically impossible to have a debate on the power of spoken vs. written word and the blurred borders between oral expression, writing and memory, without referring to the enforced authority of Homer. The Homeric Poems, being the most ancient milestone of the literary genre in Europe, are also and paradoxically a unique product of oral tradition. Such evidence has been discussed in the field of philological research for the last centuries and is attested not only formally, via the complex compositional technique of the epic formulas, but it also emerges in the thematic and symbolic options inherent to poetic creation
Idioma originalPortuguese
Título da publicação do anfitrião'Verba Volant'? Oralidade, escrita, e memória
EditoresAna Paula Pinto, Maria José Lopes, António Melo, João Carlos Onofre Pinto, Álvaro Balsas
EditoraAletheia - Associacao Cientifica e Cultural
ISBN (eletrónico)9789726972983
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 1 set 2018