How important is God in the thought of the sages of Israel?

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Some scholars have highlighted God's relevance in Old Testament in two different directions. One is the saving power of God, who intervenes from time to time more or less ‘directly from above’, the God who is active in salvation history. The other is the creating power of God, the one who through blessings manifests himself ‘horizontally’ in the world, immanently in the course of events from one generation to the next. This presentation will attempt to demonstrate that for the sages of Israel both of these aspects emerge unified, rendering a multidimensional portrait that values God as crucial for fullness in human life. In fact, focused on many different aspects of human existence, the sages of Israel are always determined to relate God, both as savior and creator, as the key to the full sense of human existence. Though many argue that they are not unique, we would like to attempt to underline their own way to display it. Some examples and keywords from Proverbs, Job, and Qohelet will be presented and discussed.
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