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In this paper, we analyse how streaming platforms, especially Netflix, have been changing the cinema industry and what role they can play in the revival of 2D animation. Firstly, we describe a brief history of 2D animation and link it to the proliferation of the streaming platforms that have been actively changing the media landscape. After this, we explain how these platforms work and how they might benefit the streaming industry, the spectator and the creator. We use the example of the live action film Roma to show how these platforms are helping independent films and creators to thrive. We also explain how these platforms can give 2D animation a boost, since this industry is growing a lot in the independent world of animated cinema. Moreover, we also show how these companies are ready to receive different kinds of content by using the example of the 2D animation film Klaus (2019) and statements by Sergio Pablos, the director of the film, that demonstrate that these companies give the freedom to animators to produce their films and experiment in creating different narratives or even styles. Another important aspect mentioned in this paper is how these platforms are helping to introduce to the general audience different genres and styles of animation and why 2D animation can still prevail. In this paper we also point out how different companies act towards the animation industry. We compare Disney Plus, a company that reutilizes old content for their platform, and Netflix that strives towards creating new animations. We also show how this might be helpful for companies to invest on animation films that are more experimental. We finish by bringing up the importance of animators in doing their work with these platforms and of these platforms, investing in animation.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - mar. 2022
EventoInk and Motion #1: International Conference on Animation and Comics - Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto
Duração: 23 mar. 202225 mar. 2022


ConferênciaInk and Motion #1: International Conference on Animation and Comics

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