Impact and prevention of neurodegenerative diseases in society: alzheimer and parkinson

Patrícia Batista, Anabela Pereira

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Neurodegenerative diseases affect people of all ages and results from progressive degeneration and/or death of neurons. Nowadays, it is not known the causes of their appearance and how this degradation can affect the movements of the body and brain functioning, causing dementia. Presently, these diseases are the most important medical and socio-economic problems, but still there is no cure for these pathologies.This chapter consists in 4 sections that focus in thematic about neurodegenerative disorders: 1 section is about Alzheimer’s disease (cover the following topics: pathology; symptoms, causes and risk factors; incidence (distribution by age and sex, global and regional distribution); diagnosis, treatment), 2 section is about Parkinson’s disease, 3 section is about others Neurodegenerative Diseases (brief considerations), 4 section focus the impact of Neurodegenerative Diseases in society, 5 section is about Neurodegenerative Diseases prevention.
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