Impact of a wearable-based physical activity and sleep intervention in multimorbidity patients: protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Bernardo Neves*, Eduardo D. D. Haghighi, Hugo V. V. Pereira, Filipe Costa, João S. S. Carlos, Daniel Ferreira, Plinio Moreno, Pedro M. M. Ferreira, Jaime Machado, Breno Gonçalves, José Maria M. Moreira, Francisca Leite, Nuno André da Silva

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Background: The benefits of physical activity (PA) and adequate sleep are well documented, and their importance strengthens with the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and multimorbidity (MM). Interventions to promote physical activity and sleep that use commercial activity trackers may be useful non-pharmacological approaches to managing individual health; however, limited evidence exists on their use to improve physical activity in older adult patients with MM. Methods: This study aims to measure the effects of behavioral change techniques (BCTs) delivered by a wearable device on physical activity and quality of sleep (QS) in older adult patients with MM. We designed an open-label randomized controlled trial with participants recruited through primary care and a specialist outpatient clinic. Participants must be more than 65 years old, have MM, and have access to smartphones. All eligible participants will receive PA promotion content and will be randomly assigned to wear a smartwatch. The primary outcome will be the participants’ PA measurement at baseline and at six months using the International Physical Activity Questionnaire - Short Form (IPAQ-SF). Secondary outcomes will include changes in the participants’ frailty status, biometric measurements, quality of life, and biopsychosocial assessments. A sample size of 40 participants per arm was calculated to detect group differences, with 50 participants planned to recruit and randomize into each arm. Discussion: This study aims to contribute to a better understanding of PA patterns and the impact of wearable-based PA interventions in patients with MM. In addition, we aim to contribute to more knowledge about the relationship between PA patterns, Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs), and healthcare resource utilization in patients with MM. To achieve this, the study will leverage a locally developed PROMs registry and assess data from participants’ medical records, in order to understand the added impact of wearable data and medical information data on predicting PROMs and unplanned hospital admissions. Trial registration: NCT05777291.

Idioma originalEnglish
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RevistaBMC Geriatrics
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - dez. 2023
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