Indirect translation explained

Hanna Pięta, Rita Bueno Maia, Ester Torres-Simón

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Indirect Translation Explained is the first comprehensive, user-friendly book on the practice of translating indirectly in today’s world. Unlike previous scholarly approaches, which have traditionally focused on translating from the original, this textbook offers practical advice on how to efficiently translate from an already translated text and for the specific purpose of further translation. Written by key specialists in this area of research and drawing on many years of translation teaching and practice, this process-focused textbook covers a range of languages, geographical settings and types of translation, including audiovisual, literary, news, and scientific-technical translation, as well as localization and interpreting. Since this topic addresses the concerns and practices of both more peripheral and more dominant languages, this textbook is usable by all, regardless of the language combinations they work with. Featuring theoretical considerations, tasks for hands-on practice, suggestions for further discussion and diverse, real-world examples, this is the essential textbook for all students and autodidacts learning how to translate via a third language.
Idioma originalEnglish
Local da publicaçãoLondon
Número de páginas240
ISBN (eletrónico)9781003035220
ISBN (impresso)9780367473655
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 5 jul. 2022

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