Interactive teaching / learning system

Pedro Alberto Paraiso de Almeida, Paulo Oliveira Castro Ribeiro, Ciro Alexandre Domingues Martins, António Manuel Silvério Cabrita, Manuel Fernando Correia de Sousa

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This invention is a interactive pedagogical system for all levels of the teaching/learning process comprising a group of means (video, audio, databases etc.) and a methodology which is developed to maximise the concentration of essential information transmitted to a learner. The system's methodology allows the materialization of the learning network concept, permitting an improved communication between teachers and learners through the use of online knowledge transfers. The system also does not permit the isolation of the learner, because through the different interactive resources (graphical information, films, animation, databases) it aims to immediately solve various difficulties directly from the learner's own workstation. The system, and technological means that constitute it, are under the control of a manager/teacher, and enable him to continously monitor and control the learner's progress more thouroughly, and at the same time providing an individualised bidirectional teacher/learner relationship.
Idioma originalEnglish
Número de patenteWO03049064
IPCH04N 7/ 15 A I
Data da prioridade6/12/01
Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 12 jun 2003

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