International News Discourse after the Emergence of Social Media

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The unidirectional flow of information on the international system favouring the positive
portrayal of the North at the expense of the disadvantaged negatively portrayed South has
generated a lot of controversy across the globe from time immemorial. However, this study
examines the status of the flow of information particularly with the advent of social media
networks which were none existing when this discourse was conceptualized initially to
ascertain whether the flow of information is still unidirectional or has changed to
bidirectional or multidirectional. The study reveals that the introduction of social media
networks has changed the unilateralism in the flow of news favouring only the North at the
expense of the South by giving everyone an equal space for participation. The study
therefore recommends that the Third World Nations and Nigeria by extension who were
crying foul against the inequality and imbalance should now rise and take advantage of the
huge communication resources provided by the social media in articulating themselves
within the committee of nations.
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RevistaIDOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 17 fev. 2017

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