Is lightweighting glass bottles for wine an option? Linking technical requirements and consumer attitude

João Soares, Paulo Ramos, Fátima Poças*

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When discussing glass bottles within the context of circular economy, reusability and recyclability are highlighted. However, it is recognised the relevant environmental footprint of glass production due to energy consumption and the impact of transportation of the empty bottles from the production site to the filling plants. Reducing the weight of the bottles has become possible through design and production technologies advances. However, consumer perceptions and technical requirements must be integrated and may conflict. This work aims at contributing to better understanding the relationship between the wine glass bottle weight, consumer perception of wine quality and acceptance of lighter bottles and recognition of sustainability factors related to packaging. Bordeaux shaped bottles are the lightest in the wine market, when compared to Burgundy or Conical, but also the ones with a wider weight range. Bordeaux bottles with 100 g of weight difference could be found for 750-cL capacity. Design features, punt and finish/neck dimensions were found to limit the reduction in bottle weight. Consumer survey results indicate a correlation between the bottle weight and the wine price. Portuguese consumers tend to associate a heavier bottle with better quality and higher price, particularly those consumers with higher wine expertise. The three top concerns regarding packaging are, by order, being plastic-free, recyclable and reusable. There is very low awareness on the importance of lightweighting glass bottles as a measure to improve sustainability. More than 80% of the respondents indicated the increase of recycled content as the measure contributing the most to sustainability.
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