Krieg und Strategie - neu betrachtet: Die neue Polemologie

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War has expression in all regions of the world, constituting one of humanity's greatest concerns. The theme of War has inspired literature, art, music and has been central to all scholars of international relations, historians, analysts, politicians and the military. As a global phenomenon, War challenges all aspects of the societies in which it occurs. In this vein, its study is indispensable to answer a set of complex questions such as: -What is War and why does it arise? -What are the types of War? -How can we characterize war today? -Which types of War will tend to prevail? -What is the position of the State as a political structure in the new international context? -Is the use of Force in International Relations still useful? -Why and by whom is the Security of States and people threatened? -What strategies should be adopted to face these threats? These questions about War and Strategy constitute the core of the book presented here.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoWar and strategy revisited: the new polemology
Idioma originalGerman
Local da publicaçãoDüsseldorf
EditoraVerlag Unser Wissen
Número de páginas240
ISBN (impresso)9786206120636
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 23 jun. 2023

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