Language processing in right hemisphere stroke patients: response speed and quality

Ana Murteira, Maria Emília Santos

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Background: One of the most common deficits associated with right hemisphere damage (RHD) concerns the difficulty in understanding words or phrases beyond their literal meaning. Problems in accuracy of discourse production are also frequently mentioned.Aims: The goal of this study is to examine whether stroke individuals present language impairment at a complex language level, not only in performance quality but also in response speed.Methods and Procedures: The performance of 27 participants with RHD was analysed, and the results were compared with existing scores for the Portuguese population, in a set of oral comprehension (proverbs, semantic decision, and idioms) and oral production tests (word definition and sentence production).Outcomes and Results: Data showed that the great majority of participants had lower performance in all tests, except in Word Definition, the easiest task. The worst results were achieved in Semantic Decision and Idioms tests (comprehension) and Sentence Formulation (production). However, patients were faster than controls in responding to those tests that demanded responses with more elaborate discourse. A speed accuracy trade-off did not occur, as in many cases these two aspects were independent. There may be cognitive aspects that account for these results, beyond the neuropsychological impairments that were identified during the evaluation of participants. These impairments cannot by themselves account neither for the poor quality of performance nor for the higher response speed observed in speech production.Conclusions: Results indicate that RHD individuals may present communication disabilities, affecting the comprehension of complex language, both figurative and non-figurative, and affecting discourse, which may be more inappropriate and/or too abrupt. Neuropsychological impairments do not seem to explain the poor quality of these individuals' performance. The latter can have an important social impact, undermining interpersonal communication, which justifies the need to assess the language of these persons.
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