L'esperienza della Trinità e la Trinità nell'esperienza: Modelli di una loro configurazione

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The confession of faith in the Trinity is often perceived as an abstract truth and as a doctrine detached from life. However, it can and should be related to the believing and human experience, which is an authentic Trinitarian locus theologicus. Trying to explore its Trinitarian significance, this work proposes to set up reflection on the Trinity by assuming the experience of God, of man (I, you, us) and of the world both as its point of departure and as its point of arrival. This theological configuration, together with the evaluation of the underlying hypothesis, takes place in dialogue with authors who represent different theological models: J. Moltmann (dialectical model), G. Greshake (analogical model), R. Panikkar (dialogic model), K. Rahner (transcendental model).
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoThe Experience of the Trinity and the Trinity in the Experience: Models of its Configuration
Idioma originalItalian
Local da publicaçãoRome
EditoraGregorian University Press
Número de páginas343
ISBN (impresso)978-88-7839-242-7
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2013

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