As bibliotecas e o percurso histórico de abertura da ciência: revendo um roteiro de colaboração

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Science is currently marked by movements of tension and rupture, increasingly sharp and in cycles of short duration. Open Access, Open Data, Open Science, among others, are fundamental operative concepts in the relationship between libraries and science production and dissemination. This work is a literature review, that seeks to follow the historical roadmap of collaboration between libraries and the opening of science. Outlining the scenario that marks science today – from the Open Access to Open Science movement – the intention is to understand to what extent this landscape influences the role of libraries in scientific research. The objective is to provide a general picture of Open Science, focusing on the theoretical implications that this landscape entails for libraries. The main issue is to understand, on the one hand, what Open Access and Open Science mean for libraries and how they are behaving in the face of these dynamics; on the other hand, how researchers view the role of libraries in this broad and new scientific landscape. These issues will be observed in a review structure divided into three parts: Open Access origins, the emergence of Open Science, and the role of libraries in opening science. It is concluded that libraries participated from the beginning in the process of opening science and continue to strive today to play a relevant role in this social and cultural process.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoLibraries and the historical course of open science: reviewing a collaboration roadmap
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