Living by learning, learning by living: the quest for meaning

Roberto Carneiro*

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In our current age of rapid social, economic and technological change, including urbanisation, globalisation and information overload, human beings are more than ever seeking orientation and meaning. In this situation, education is the potential key to individual empowerment, cultural prosperity, social cohesion and economic development. Arguing for the learning city as the location where a real learning culture is being developed, the author of this article discusses the need to build a new citizenship involving democratic, social, egalitarian (gender-balanced), intercultural and environmental dimensions. Based on a new humanism, this new citizenship should be designed to overcome the exclusion of many in the interests of a few and enable a meaning-friendly evolution in our social institutions. Thus the means of knowing, understanding and being in the world of knowledge, which are essential for liberating the human mind, can be provided to everyone.
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RevistaInternational Review of Education
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - set 2013

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