Locator® attachment system for implant overdentures: a systematic review

Artur Miguel Quaresma Pereira Miler, André Ricardo Maia Correia, José Mário de Castro Rocha, José Carlos Reis Campos, Maria Helena Guimarães Figueiral da Silva

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OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the success rate, complications, maintenance and patient satisfaction with implant-supported overdentures with the Locator® system, by means of a systematic review. MATERIALS AND METHODS: PICO approach was used to formulate the clinical question. Research was conducted in primary (PubMed® and B-On®) and secondary (Cochrane®) information sources using different logical combination strategies of text words and MESH terms. Articles were selected according to research theme and scientific level evidence. RESULTS: 55 articles were found. After reading the title and summary, and evaluating the article's level of scientific evidence, only ten were included for analysis. Eight studies were related to rehabilitations in the mandible and two were bi-maxillary. The analysis of the studies showed that complications and type of maintenance are primarily related to the loss of retention and the need to replace the nylon male component of the system. Patient's satisfaction was highlighted in five articles of this research. CONCLUSION: The overall satisfaction rates of patients seem to indicate this system as a viable clinical option of prosthetic rehabilitation. Overdentures with the Locator® system appear to hold a good retention, either in the upper or lower jaw, but require frequent maintenance visits, due to complications observed in these prosthodontic rehabilitations.
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