Meaning of the Pap smear for health students

Ananda C. Aguiar, Layse L. R. Mendes, Kayo H. J. F. Sousa, Antonio L. Gomes Júnior, Maria João J. Guerra, Irene M. S. Oliveira, Camila A. P. L. Almeida

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OBJECTIVE: To describe the meanings of the Pap smear for health students. METHODS: Descriptive study, qualitative approach, with 45 students from the health area of ​​a Higher Education Institution, in the Northeast of Brazil. Data were collected in 2017, by means of interviews, processed in the IRaMuTeQ software, and pushed by the Descending Hierarchical Classification. RESULTS: The students recognize that the education in health is the best strategy to prevent cervical cancer, as it is an essential tool in primary care and must be performed by health professionals. CONCLUSION: The meanings found by the students revealed a concern with their role in the Pap smear and, therefore, considers it very important to improve their knowledge in this area so that they can provide quality care to women seeking to prevent cervical cancer.DESCRIPTORS: Pap Smear. Women's Health. Cervical Neoplasms. Health Personnel.
Idioma originalEnglish
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RevistaBrazilian Journal of Global Health
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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 27 nov 2020

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