Nata Pura partnering for success with a cup of kindness

Susana Costa e Silva, Cláudia Cunha

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In an increasingly competitive global market, firms try to conquer a special place in customers’ minds and – when possible – hearts, in order to succeed. Through a competitive strategy based on differentiation, companies tend to focus their efforts in creating a value proposition not only for consumers but also for all the parties that constitute the value chain, establishing upstream and / or downstream partnerships based in win-win relationships. Hence, when expanding their brands to new foreign markets, firms may choose to follow a relational approach, concerning international markets selection, which can be combined with an opportunistic approach that may offer distinct opportunities to the firm. This case study was focused on Nata Pura, a rather young Portuguese firm that has built its project based on exporting a traditional product using innovative solutions to produce and promote an organic pastry made with high quality ingredients: pastel de nata.
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EditoraThe Case Centre
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2017

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