New models for solving resectorization problems

Aydin Teymourifar*, Ana Maria Rodrigues, José Soeiro Ferreira

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In sectorization problems (SPs), a large territory is divided into smaller sectors according to some criteria like equilibrium and compactness. SPs have many applications in different areas such as transportation, healthcare management, energy and irrigation. In the resectorization problems (ReSPs), there is an obtained solution for the previous moment and it is aimed to acquire a new solution according to some changing conditions. We propose new models to solve ReSPs, which cover basic sectorization problems as well as the models with service centres. It is assumed that between moments some changes occur in the coordinates, demands of some points. Also, some points are added into or removed from the problem. The basic idea of the models is that the difference between the two solutions for two different moments should be minimized or limited to an upper limit. The first case is defined as an objective function, while the second one is managed with a constraint. We also generate new benchmarks, for which a new solution method is developed.
Idioma originalEnglish
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2021
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Evento31st European Conference On Operational Research - Athens
Duração: 11 jul 202114 jul 2021


Conferência31st European Conference On Operational Research
Título abreviadoEURO 2021

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