Newfood Project: promoting the transfer of knowledge and innovation to the scientific community and society about traditional food products

L. Oliveira, E. L. Cardoso

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Scientific dissemination includes the use of resources, techniques, processes and products (vehicles or channels) for the dissemination of scientific, technological or innovation information to the general population1 . Public and private higher education institutions offer mechanisms that allow the relations between universities and industry in the search for scientific and technological development. Therefore, it is necessary that this knowledge about science and technology will increase the population in general so that it can benefit from it. In this sense, the NEWFOOD - Food Technologies Valorization2 project arises. This, in addition to accelerate the processes of expansion and consolidation of the "Traditional Food Products" by promoting innovation as well as increasing the transfer of knowledge and technology around this products, aims to disseminate the results making them accessible to stakeholders. This project proposes three Actions: (a) develop a knowledge and skills map of the Region and an inventory of the needs of the sector to ensure the innovation process focused on the central axes of expansion and consolidation of the sector; (b) promote innovation projects aimed at generating new products / solutions of economic relevance in the "Traditional Food Products" sector and (c) actively disseminate knowledge, skills and resources to the entities involved, including stakeholders. This work will focus on Action C which has the following tasks: Promotion of the transfer of knowledge to the economic tissue, extended to the whole value chain, through practical and demonstrative actions as well as through concrete projects with companies, of innovation for the availability of the capacities and resources existing in the Research Centers; Promotion of applied knowledge and innovation potential in the area to the national business community, the national and international consumer, and the technical and scientific community through a set of actions that include videos, campaigns on social networks, communications and publications of different nature at the level National and international. In addition to the promotion of science and technology, scientific literacy will be promoted in a way that brings together stakeholders, including the economic tissue and the university. Scientific and technological benefits are often not available to the general population and are considered a privilege of higher classes. Therefore, it is hoped that with this project, it will be able to progress in this area by bringing science and technology closer to the general public, and also to promote traditional food products and innovation in them.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - jun. 2019
EventoCongresso Nacional de Biotecnologia - Vigo
Duração: 10 jun. 201913 jun. 2019


ConferênciaCongresso Nacional de Biotecnologia
Título abreviadoBiotec 2019

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