Online course "from idea to final product": organizational, content, and methodological aspects

Teresa Gouveia, Sónia Ferreira, Filomena Sobral, Salomé Morais

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The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed unprecedented changes and challenges to the ways of learning, teaching, and communicating within educational institutions. Prophylactic isolation measures, adopted globally, have discontinued face-to-face teaching and precipitated distance learning. This reality highlighted the importance of online courses as creative initiatives to overcome space and time constraints in a limited pedagogical context. It was in this scope that the Project "Exploration of online methodologies in the development of competencies in the audiovisual area" emerged, proposing the creation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in the audiovisual area (from the idea to the final product) and the development of the online platform LOOP for the implementation and availability of this and other courses held afterward. The project involves three Portuguese higher education institutions and one Spanish one, motivated to develop innovative proposals, both in research and education. Moreover, this network presents a diversity of training in degree courses, master's, and technological specialization programs, which allows us privileged contact with the students and helps us establish priorities and needs. This paper focuses on the survey and analysis, at the national and international level, of MOOCs dedicated to the themes of audiovisual production to expose parameters of both organizational and content scope. The methodological approach will be divided into two phases: a) identification of the criteria for analyzing courses through the literature review; b) and selection of the courses to be analyzed. This selection will be conducted through a database search, identifying the keywords in Portuguese, English, and Spanish: audiovisual online course; audiovisual free course; filmmaking course; scriptwriting course; video editing course; and other derivations. It is hoped to present a set of guidelines for developing the course related to the organization and the content.
Idioma originalEnglish
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RevistaInternational E-journal of Advances in Social Sciences
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 23 ago. 2022
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