Optimizing brewer's yeast by-products: integrated processing for sustainable waste management in the agri-food sector

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Background: The expansion of the agri-food industry leads to significant waste generation, highlighting the notable contribution of brewing industry. Brewer´s spent yeast emerges as an abundant source of biomass, whose annual accumulation contributes to environmental challenges and the significant loss of valuable components. This study focused on valorising yeast by-products, primarily aiming to produce high-value protein extracts. Methods: After induced autolysis to facilitate the hydrolysis of yeast extracts, the spent brewer's yeast underwent a series of steps for peptide extraction. Initially, microfiltration was conducted to remove any residual microorganisms and suspended material. Subsequently, the hydrolysed peptide-rich fraction underwent ultrafiltration through a hydrophilic 40 KDa cut-off membrane to produce a concentrated fraction of bioactive peptides with low molecular weight and mineral enrichment. Finally, the resulting ingredients were lyophilized to obtain powdered forms. The entire process was conducted at a pilot scale using an initial yeast mass of 200 L. Results: These fractions demonstrated a protein content of approximately 20%, alongside notable compositions in terms of minerals and fiber content. Additionally, the enriched peptide concentrate demonstrated enhanced bioactive peptide content and mineral concentration compared to the initial yeast mass, indicating successful peptide extraction and mineral enrichment through the sequencial fractionation methods. Conclusions: The extracted components can be repurposed as nutritional and functional ingredients for human food, effectively utilizing brewing by-products and offering a sustainable approach to waste reduction. This study contributes to the progression of sustainable practices in the agri-food industry, presenting promising opportunities for circular economy principles a new natural ingredients to develop protein enriched clean label and sustainable food products.
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Evento22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology: The future of food is now: Development, Functionality & Sustainability - Rimini, Rimini
Duração: 8 set. 202412 set. 2024
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Conferência22nd World Congress of Food Science and Technology
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