P7 - Evaluation of extruded material in furcation perforation repair with micro-computed tomography

Miguel Cardoso, Rita Noites, Vitor Correlo, Carlos Viegas

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Background Furcation perforations are pathological conditions of complex treatment and, currently, bioceramics are good options for furcation perforations repair. The aim of this study was to compare the volume of extruded material with micro-computed tomographic (microCT) after Furcation Perforation (FP) repair with Biodentine (BDT) or ProRoot MTA (prMTA) in dogs’ teeth. Materials and methods Forty dogs’ teeth were divided into 2 groups: prMTA (n=20, FP repaired with ProRoot MTA), BDT (n=20, FP repaired with Biodentine). All animal procedures were approved by the institutional Ethical Committee and conformed with the ethical guidelines and regulations of the national Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary (Process number 0421/000/000/2014). The animals were euthanized after 4 months. The volume of extruded material was quantifed using microCT images. Statistical analysis was performed using independent-samples t-test in SPSS™. All diferences were considered signifcant at P≤0.05. Results Total volume of extruded material was signifcantly lower in BDT group than in prMTA group (BDT: 1.42±0.80mm3; prMTA: 2.27±1.67mm3; P=0.049). In both test material groups, microCT showed continuity between the extruded repair material and the surrounding bone. Along with the study’s included outcomes, further evaluation of microCT images allowed the identifcation of new mineralized tissue bridges over the remaining radicular pulp tissue in specimens of both test groups. Conclusions The greater amount of extruded material found for prMTA group is consistent with its lengthier setting time, which may contribute to the unintended compaction of the unset material into the furcation defect. Even though Biodentine presented lesser extrusion, a concomitant histologic study revealed similar results concerning mineralized tissue formation.
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RevistaBMC Proceedings
Número de emissãoSuppl 9
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2023

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