Las pasiones y las virtudes en el Cathecismo pequeno del obispo Diego Or tiz de villegas (1457-1519)

Manuel Lázaro Pulido*

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The Bishop Diego or Diogo de Villegas, born in Calzadilla (Badajoz, Spain) and renown for his wisdom, carried out his pastoral activities in Portugal. He arrived as the confessor for Juana la Beltraneja, and advised the Portuguese Royal Family in matters of astronomy and navigation during the era of overseas discoveries. He was also in charge of the education of the heir to the Portuguese crown (the later to be D. João III). Later on, he was promoted to prelate and became Bishop of Tangier (1491-1500), of Ceuta (1500-1504) and of Viseu (1505-1519), respectively. In 1504 he publishes in Lisbon the Cathecismo Pequeno da doctrina & instruiçam que os christaãos ham de creer & obrar pera conseguir a benauenturança eterna. In the second part of the treatise, which consists of forty brief chapters, the author goes over the Ten Commandments, the Theological Virtues, the spiritual gifts, the Powers of the soul, the Seven Deadly Sins, vices and virtues that stand against the virtues, as well as instructions on how to remedy them. Always working within a religious context, he presents the passions and the virtues in the form of a treatise, as well as showcasing the literary style that was so characteristic of the Second Scholasticism in its early years. He makes numerous references to the Christian virtues under the influence of Aristotle, thus reflecting the intellectual atmosphere that had expanded from the University of Salamanca to Portuguese territory and viceversa. This stemmed from the relationship and correspondence between Don Duarte and Alfonso de Cartagena.
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoPassions and virtues in the Cathecismo pequeno by the Bishop Diego Ortiz de Villegas (1457-1519)
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