Probiotic bacteria: fundamentals, therapy and technological aspects

J. Paulo Sousa e Silva*, Ana C. Freitas

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The interest and research on probiotic microorganisms dates back to the early 20th century. The literature on this subject is vast and diverse and generally focuses on the beneficial aspects of probiotic microorganisms on the host. Stimulation of immune response, improvement of immunological barrier, higher resistance to microbial pathogens, or positive metabolic contribution are some of the benefits suggested by several studies performed with probiotics. This book is a unique compilation of many of the technological aspects related to probiotics, not only in terms of delivery modes but also in terms of protection technologies, and includes their therapeutic and physiologic implications and benefits. The book provides a contemporary update and a holistic review of the topic and is designed to augment related books in the market. The editorial team comprises individuals with noteworthy and remarkable experience in the field of probiotic organisms. The novelty of this book is that it focuses on the technological aspects of probiotic products without neglecting their therapeutic role, brings together the information needed for the successful development of probiotic products, and examines the international picture regarding regulatory issues.

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Estado da publicaçãoPublished - 28 fev 2014
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