Rapid correction of anterior crossbite using a bonded compomer slope

J. Alves, M. Seabra, A. Figueiredo

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An anterior crossbite can hardly be corrected spontaneously. When diagnosed in a mixed dentition or in an early permanent dentition, an interceptive orthodontic treatment becomes imperative. The objective of this paper is to report a rapid, cheap and effective interceptive orthodontic treatment of an anterior crossbite in a pediatric patient in mixed dentition. A male patient aged 10 years old reported an important aesthetic embarrassment of his smile as well as, functional problems. An anterior crossbite of tooth 2.1 was diagnosed, hiding almost the entire clinical crown. Dental crossbite was corrected by bonding a compomer slope to the incisal edge of the mandibular incisor with an angle of about 45° to the longitudinal axis of the tooth. Correction was achieved within 3 weeks of treatment, with no damage to the tooth or periodontal tissue. As a conclusion, a simple bonded compomer slope, done in just one clinical appointment can solve both aesthetic and functional problems in a very simple way. It is cheap, cost-effective and very easy for patients to accept. The technique is so elementary, that not only pediatric dentistry experts but every general dentist is able to perform it. If we are able to treat an anterior crossbite at the exact moment of the diagnosis, then, the need for long term orthodontic treatment can reduced, thereby, giving the kids a chance for growing up in a more healthy way.
Idioma originalEnglish
RevistaMedicine and Medical Sciences
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - nov. 2018

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