Reviewing the Recent Exegesis of Jb 38,1-42,6: the contribution of the rhetorical Biblical Analysis

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The article here presented intends to open a debate reviewing the recent exegesis of Jb 38:1-42:6. In this debate we will consider the special contribution of the Biblical Rhetorical Analysis’s study already done and published in previous articles. The prevailing positions and interpretations of the modern exegesis to Job 38:1–42:6 will be mentioned and pondered. Some of the most important assonances and dissonances in the research process will be pointed out. The new horizons will be set through a dialogue between the last studies of M. Fox and those of the study of the composition, according to the Biblical Rhetorical Analysis, demonstrating the relevance of the contribution of the last one. Despite all the controversy attested throughout decades by the exegesis studies, the study of the composition of the entire section (38:1–42:6) allows us to affirm an achievement of God’s uniqueness. God’s words to Job are a celebration of God’s creation of the world which human beings know very little and of which they only have a glimpse.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2022
EventoEighth Conference of the RBS - Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome
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ConferênciaEighth Conference of the RBS
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