Ricoeur e Kant: um diálogo ético

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The article aims to clarify the influence of Kant's practical philosophy on Paul Ricœur's thought. Ricoeur, inspired by Kant, defines the person as an agent capable of initiative, and responsibility, emphasizing the importance of otherness in its creation and self-perception. The article then reflects on the act of promising, which is so important to both authors, highlighting its kantian ethical aspect, and Ricœur's reflective deepening of this act, uniting the domains of discourse, action, ethics, and anthropology. The promise will be seen as a linguistic act that provides an ethical and temporal foundation for the person structurally in relation to the other. Finally, the article analyses the dialogue that Ricœur establishes with Kant in his "little ethics," seeking to reconcile the teleological and deontological perspectives and to dispel some false beliefs about Kantian practical philosophy.
Idioma originalPortuguese
Título da publicação do anfitriãoDa natureza da sensibilidade ao sentimento da natureza
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