SalivaTec: using xMAP® Multiplex Technology for saliva research

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SalivaTec is an European laboratory using saliva in health research ( The main goal of SalivaTec is the clarification of molecular mechanisms of disease and the validation of biomarker panels proposed by in silico studies using bioinformatics tools developed in the laboratory. We demonstrate how SalivaTec uses xMAP ® Multiplex technology to quantify different molecules in saliva. These molecules are selected by an in silico analysis of the data deposited in our databases and quantified in samples chosen through the SalivaPrint algorithm, which identifies the molecules varying the most between groups of individuals. xMAP technology allows for the detection of salivary markers with high sensitivity and reliability although some challenges remain in the application of the commercial kits to saliva.
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Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2017
EventoxMAP® Connect 2017 - Amsterdam
Duração: 8 nov 20179 nov 2017


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