Stability of a lyophilized milk enriched with microbial CLA/CLNA

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Conjugated linoleic (CLA) and conjugated linolenic (CLNA) acids have been described with potential bioactive properties. Due limited availability in their natural sources (e.g. ruminants’ milk and meat or vegetable oils), in situ microbial production in dairy products may potentially improve CLA/CLNA daily intake. Several probiotic strains have been reported to produce CLA/CLNA isomers using linoleic (LA) and alpha-linolenic (α-LNA) acids as precursor substrates, respectively. Previous work by this research team led to the formulation of a CLA/CLNA-enriched lyophilized milk, using Bifidobacterium breve DSM 20091 and hydrolysed flaxseed oil (FSO; rich in α-LNA). Since CLA, CLNA, LA and α-LNA are polyunsaturated and prone to oxidation, this research aimed to investigate if this new functional milk product is stable at conditions mimicking shelf-life. Pasteurized cow milk (100 mL) inoculated with B. breve DSM 20091 and hydrolysed FSO or not (control) was fermented for 22 h at 37 ºC under anaerobic conditions. Afterwards, samples were lyophilized and stored at room temperature in an exicator, being air- and light-protected. Samples were taken at the beginning (T0wk) and every 4 weeks until the end of the assay (T12wk) for further microbial counting and fatty acid (FA) analysis. Concerning to B. breve DSM 20091 viable cell counting, counts remained below the countable range during the entire study, so as total microbial counting. As for FA analysis, in the non-esterified fraction, the CLA and CLNA contents in the enriched milk product increased after 4 weeks (up to 1.80 and 11.12 mg/g, respectively) and, thereafter, no significant differences were detected. The same was observed for total polyunsaturated FA, but, in the esterified fraction, its level increased significantly after 8 weeks (up to 6.01 mg/g) and then reduced to 5.18 mg/g at the end of the study. In conclusion, a lyophilised milk enriched with microbial CLA/CLNA is not entirely stable, including its CLA/CLNA content, which was inclusively enhanced.
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Conferência18th Euro Fed Lipid Congress and Expo

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