Teologia e Poesia - A busca de sentido da vida em meio às paixões em Carlos Drummond de Andrade como possibilidade de um pensamento poético teológico

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The publication of the book by Alex Villas Boas is good news - literally, in the evangelical sense, for letters and theology. Both areas of knowledge that have been intertwining and making a fruitful interface in a growing rhythm and an ever more constitutive form gain from the work of this young theologian, rigorous and demanding at the same time sensitive and passionate about the beauty and art of words. The chosen poet could not be greater: Drummond. At the same time, he could hardly be more "foreign" in the theological field. Drummond kept a confessed distance from the faith. More challenging, therefore, is the challenge of making his work the object of theological reflection. And it seems to us that the author succeeds brilliantly. Firstly for the chosen theme: the meaning of life. Topic that has always instigated philosophers and theologians and that in the times we live in, of liquid and consumerist postmodernity, acquires ever greater importance. Drummond's deep poetry will prove to be a fertile ground for the theologian, Alex, to delve into the roots of his reflection on this sense that makes the experience of faith go beyond simply the experience of the sacred that often abounds today. Second, by the name with which this sense is named by the author after the poet Drummond: passion. Center of attention and interest of many distinguished contemporary theologians, the pathos for God that generates mystique on the one hand and praxis on the other will be the way Alex Villas Boas will "name" the sense pursued and found in the Drummondian work. Bringing to light the overlapping of the theology of pathos with the theology of praxis, Alex's book will land Theology and Poetry in the soil of life, in the reality that is ours here and now, making both their desire for a new humanity come true. (Maria Clara Lucchetti Bingemer)
Título traduzido da contribuiçãoTheology and Poetry - The search for the meaning of life amid passions in Carlos Drummond de Andrade as a possibility of a theological poetic thought
Idioma originalPortuguese
EditoraCrearte Sorocaba
Número de páginas252
Estado da publicaçãoPublicado - 2011

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